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We have the RVS, Shingles, Pneumonia, Hepatitis B, Whooping Cough and Tetanus vaccines available.

Health, Happiness,

& Giving.

 Proudly Serving our Community Since 2015

RSV, Shingles, Pneumonia, Tetnus, Whooping Cough and Hepatitis vaccines are given anytime the store is open.

Most vaccines have a $0 Copay

Get Our Pharmacy App On Your Phone Today

  • Manage your Family’s medicine

  • Set medication reminder

  • Order refills

  • Find your pharmacy information

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What Makes Us Different?

Pemberton Pharmacy & Gift St Michaels is proud of our history of dedication to the idea that quality care means more than just prompt filling of prescriptions. To us, quality care means you get the prescriptions and medications you need, along with the personal care and attention you deserve. When you come to our pharmacy, you'll be able to count on dependable care from a knowledgeable pharmacist - one that takes the time to get to know you and your unique health needs.


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Pharmacy Services

  • Complimentary Pill Packing

  • Delivery

  • Immunization

  • Diabetes Support & Education

  • Medication Theropy Management

  • Medicare Open Enrollment

Gift Services

  • Boutique Gifts

  • Custom Embroidery

  • Bare Minerals Costmetics

  • Complimentary Gift Wrapping


“Truly caring staff and beautiful gifts! I absolutely love shopping here!"

Meghan C. -Via Yelp

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